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YEKADA’ extensive operational experience covers all aspects of statutory management, production planning, supervisory services and delivery of open-cut mining operations, including truck and shovel/excavator, dozer
push and dragline.

Our operators’ skills are core to achieving high levels of productivity and comprehensive training programs are in place to ensure skills are maintained. Heavy equipment training simulators are used on site and provide operators with a safe environment to develop their skills in a range of scenarios including wet-weather conditions, varying road surfaces and emergency situations.

The operational capability of our teams extends to the provision of technical services which include the latest technologies and world’s best-practice systems to achieve higher reserve recovery.

For example, Yekada’ Survey team has integrated advanced scanning technology to provide regular site monitoring and highly-detailed production reconciliations, significantly improving overall operations management.

We also provide a full suite of environmental management services including robust environmental management systems with a strong focus on short and long-term rehabilitation works; water management through smart civil construction methodologies; and up-skilling of on-site operational teams to manage the environment on their project.