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Geology modeling is purposed to get model and detail information about lithology of exploration area The lithology model will be used as consideration for mine design and mine planning.

Our exploration team combine their skills in structural and geological interpretation of ore/coal deposits with the application of new and innovative modelling packages to construct dynamic 3D geological models. This approach creates a unique synergy between the interpretation of geological data and model construction, which is focused on testing and evaluating applied solutions in the exploration and mining process.

The success of our 3D modelling approach empowers our clients. The controlled evaluation of disparate datasets within a single 3-D environment unlocks the true value potential of our client’s data.

Geological data required for Geology Modeling are as follow :

  • Outcrops Data (Location, Thickness, Dimension, Direction, Structure, etc)
  • Geophysical Logging Data
  • Samples Quality (Laboratory Analysis)
  • Topography Data (Contour and Data Elevation)
  • Geophysical Data (IP, Resistivity, Magnetic)
  • Drilling Data (Bore Logs, Collar, Location, Depth, Thickness, etc)

Whole data will be processed by using appropriate software such as Minescape, Minex, Surpac, etc to produce actual geology model.