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Geophysical Mapping (Geo-Scanning) is exploration methodology that using geophysics instrument such as “ARES” GF-Instruments and “GSM-19T” Magnetometer to get sub-surface geology data.

Geophysical Mapping Lines are designed perpendicular of mineralization outcrops and alteration rocks which exposed at surface.

ARES measurement will show 2D-3D Resistivity / IP Pseudo section that describes the distribution of Resistivity / IP value up to the certain depth. It will be used to interpret mineral presence at sub-surface.

IP-Resistivity data are also used as a mapping tool to distinguish rock types, faults identification, bedding, geology structure, water aquifer, and alteration zones.

Geomagnetic measurements are carried out by using GSM-19T Magnetometer to identify metallic mineralization that is related to magnetic materials horizontally.

The work scopes of geophysical mapping are to get sub-surface geology data with the details as follow:

  • Line Design of Geophysical Mapping Plan will be made based on Geological Mapping
  • Land Clearing for Line Plan of Geophysical Mapping
  • Geophysical Mapping Activity
  • Coordinates Marking of Iteration Points
  • Data Processing by using Geophysical Software such as Res2Dinv, Res3Dinv, Geo-Slicer, and Surfer
  • IP-Resistivity Pseudosections
  • IP-Resistivity Inverted Depthsections
  • IP-Resistivity Interpreted Plan Maps
  • 3D Perspective Viewing
  • Stacked Profile Maps
  • False Colour Contour Maps
  • Interpreted Mineral Distributions Map
  • Estimation of Indicated Resources