• Collect Surface Geological Data such as Coal-Mineral Outcrops, Non Coal-Mineral Outcrops, Geology Structures, and Determine Coal-Mineral Distributions on Surface.
  • Coal-Minerals Sampling, Soil Sampling, Chip and Stream Sediment Sampling.
  • Drilling Rigs & Supervision Works.
  • Geophysical Exploration such as: Induced Polarization, Resistivity, and Geomagnetic.
  • Geophysical (wireline) Log for Drilling works, and Interpretation.
  • Hydro-Geology Study, Geoscience Data Management, and Reporting Exploration Activities.
  • Stratigraphic, Geology Structures, Interpretation, Sedimentology, Modeling, and Design.
  • Preparing & Submitting Geological Reports to Government Bodies.


  • Exploration Plan Design and Management.
  • Implementation of Geological Data, Development, Maintenance and Audits.
  • Investor Support, Geology Reviews, Due Diligence, Evaluations, and Audits.
  • Geological 3D Modeling (Structure, Quality, Resource, Short Term) Development, and Maintenance.
  • Sampling, Data Management, Grade Control, and Mine / Model Reconciliations.
  • Compliance Resources Reporting.
  • Technical Studies, Scoping Through to Feasibility.
  • Resource Pre-Feasibility and Final Feasibility Studies.
  • Mine Design, Scheduling, and Budgeting.
  • Technical Review and JORC Report.


  • Topographical Detail and Site Plan.
  • Digital Aerial Photography.
  • Architectural, Infrastructure and Construction.
  • Photogrametry Processing.
  • Cadastral and Property Services.
  • Bench Mark Positioning and Boundary Marking of Mine Site.
  • Geographic Marking of Geological Information such as Borehole Points, Coal-Mineral Outcrop, and Geo-Scanning Point Data.
  • Satellite Imagery Processing and Analysis.


  • Contract Superintendence and Project Management Services.
  • Environmental Engineering, Development, and Engineering Feasibility.
  • Site Access Design, and Mining Infrastructure.
  • Erosion-Sediment Management Plans.
  • Road, Sewer, Water and Drainage Design for Subdivisions and Mine Development.
  • Contract Mining Operation and Mining Development.
  • Design and Constructions for Mine Camp, Mine Haulage Road, Mine Rehabilitation Design, Land and Urban Development.
  • Minerals Processing Plant Design and Construction.
  • OB Removal, Coal-Ore Getting, and Material Transport.