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YEKADA is a professional geological investigation, exploration and mining service company in Indonesia. Since its establishment we continuously step forward in the mining industry in Indonesia. We are proud to become the best partner for several companies operating in the mining field, both local and international.

Our capacity in rendering comprehensive service in exploration and mining deposits in Indonesia is very much needed by mining companies and investors who are going to operate in the mining field. Supported by professional experts, we provide mineral mining consultancy services that cover the design and management of mineral exploration programs ranging from “grass-roots” to feasibility studies.

Our mining services are delivered to various small, medium and large scale mining projects, each utilizing a combination of local knowledge and international experience. We offer practical solutions delivered in an environment of close co-operation with our clients and all stakeholders to ensure we provide competitive, innovative and high quality services with a positive impact on local communities and the wider natural environment. Our skilled and motivated employees are our key asset in who we are and what we do.

YEKADA has evolved and grown to become one of Indonesia’s leading international contractors with a strong background of delivering quality mining and construction services in Indonesia. With licensed professional geologists and mining engineer, we will serve your company with honest and reliable to provide recommendations on the geological survey conditions.